Rebuilding the idea of the cannabis facility

May 17, 2022 | Category : Partners & Clients | Posted By : Deon Maas

Carbon Active is a Swiss company that is rebuilding the idea of the cannabis facility. The company offers energy-efficient and optimized solutions for the cultivation and processing of cannabis. It has also built some facilities of our customers and partners and contributes to an efficient and transparent cultivation.  

Cannavigia had a talk with the man heading things and rebuilding the idea of the cannabis facility, Carbon Active’s CEO Marc Montandon.  

Do you only create growing facilities for cannabis or for other products as well? 

We cater for growing in a closed environment, so you can grow anything in our facilities. But while other facilities have been adapting their product to suit the needs of the cannabis grower, our product has been specifically developed for cannabis growing. 

How has the changing of the laws influenced your business? 

The change in Swiss law has created a big demand for new facilities. We are spending a lot of money, up to 60% on the development of new products. We are employing more people and we constantly bring out new things to make our systems more efficient. The scale of what we do is a lot bigger than a few years ago. There is a big demand and support for indoor growing. The complexity of what we do surprises people because it took time to develop a turnkey solution. People are learning that if you give your money to someone who knows exactly what your needs are, things turn out different. From building to specialised equipment for growing, handling and drying this is a full and complete system that adheres to all the rules as well as GMP standards. 

Are attitudes to cannabis changing in the Swiss market? 

The newspapers and television are changing the general mindset, but for me the big question is, is it needed? Once you have your system in place, everything is fine. Every user is a micro business, then you have your bigger businesses that grows for those who can’t or won’t grow for their own consumption. Thirdly you have the person who says “I don’t smoke, but how much money can I make from this?” For every one of these people the legalisation holds certain advantages. It has become too much work to police this system, so now they realise they can make money from it. The process and system to move from illegal to legal has to have paperwork and that is what is being created now. There has to be control in a system that previously had no control. It takes time to find a way to make sure that your grandmother isn’t dying anymore and you don’t lose your driver’s licence. The amount of money Switzerland will make from legalising cannabis is not really worth writing about – they make a lot more money elsewhere BUT, the employees of Switzerland, which is what every citizen is, is happy and the state makes a bit more money. I don’t see anybody having a problem at all. All these studies are necessary because even if you think it’s ridiculous to know how much a train driver should be allowed to smoke to still operate the train, once we know, we know. 

What makes your product different from others on the market? 

We don’t call it a product, it’s a facility. No-one else does what we do. We do everything. In the past there was someone who built the room, another person who installed the electricity, someone else to do the water – you get the idea. These people don’t always talk to each other so a lot of times the result is systems that aren’t compatible. With us you give me the money and we do the rest: We will give you an exact costing down to the last screw and all those small things you don’t remember that adds up in the end. We will make sure that the space you do your installation in, is right – correct electricity and water supply and all those other things that you forget about in your hurry to get going. 

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