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  • company

    What is the difference between Vigia AG and Cannavigia?

    Vigia AG is the legal entity of the company that produces the software solution called Cannavigia.

    Where do the names Cannavigia and Vigia come from?

    Vigia, coming from Pharmacovigilance (PV or PhV), also known as drug safety, is the pharmacological science and activities relating to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects or any other medicine-related problems. For our product we have chosen the name Cannavigia derived from “canna” for cannabis and “navigia” for navigation.

    I think Cannavigia could be useful for my company. Are there any materials that I can use for more detailed information or which I can present to the management in my company?

    Yes, the main information about us can be found on this website. If you are interested in receiving supporting information or presentation material, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to provide you all the information and material you need about us and our products.

  • products

    What kind of businesses use the Cannavigia software?

    Primarily we supply businesses that either engage in cultivation, manufacturing, and/or distribution of Cannabis or Cannabis-related products. Moreover, our software can also be used for other kinds of regulated (medical) plants or plant derived products.

    How are the four Cannavigia modules linked to each other?

    Each module covers a specific step or part of the Cannabis supply chain. We have split our products into four modules to allow you to pick what you need and leave what you don’t need.

    Can I only subscribe for one module or do I have to purchase all four modules?

    You can purchase any combination of Cannavigia modules you need: an individual module, two or three modules, or all of them. Request your demo here. We would be more than happy to consult you in finding the perfect modules for your needs.

    Can I change my subscription from one module to another?

    Yes, in general this is possible due to the different essences that the modules are covering. However, a change in modules happens very rarely since it is closely related to the niche that you or your company is covering. If you change your field of business we can adjust or add another module.

    In which languages is Cannavigia available?

    At the moment Cannavigia is available in English, German, Portuguese, Thai, Spanish, Italian, French (Change language settings: Menu → Settings → Company → Company profile → Standard language)

  • certification & compliance

    Does the Cannavigia software meet national standards required by the Swiss federal state institutions or other international standards?

    Cannavigia is designed to aid with your compliance to a wide variety of standards. (ISO, GACP, EU-GMP, FSSC, SCC, Global GAP etc.). It gives you the tools to document your work process, product quality and features such as equipment managing to digitalise your documentation. However it does not do the certification for you, it can only assist you in the process.

    Do I receive some kind of certification by using the Cannavigia software?

    No, using the Cannavigia software does not come with or guarantee any kind of certification for your products or your business. However, the Cannavigia software is a tool that supports and guides your efforts towards compliance and certification of your choice.

    With regards to which standards, certificates, or regulations can the Cannavigia software deliver support or guidance for my products or my business?

    The Cannavigia software includes features to cover the major requirements for certifications. In particular: product quality, traceability, personnel, equipment and cultivation. For certain standards such as GACP and EU-GMP an overarching quality management system (QMS) has to be put in place. Cannavigia can cover a multitude of requirements within the QMS.

  • additional functions

    Does the Cannavigia software integrate with other digital service providers?

    Yes, Cannavigia offers the possibility of directly connecting to Jira for planning. Apart from this, Cannavigia allows to gather sensor data directly into the software using industry leaders such as Sigfox, Pessl and Airwits. Moreover, Cannabis test centres like CBD-Test are directly linked to Cannavigia in order to allow direct submission of samples. We are constantly working with our customers to integrate other IoT devices such as scales and watering systems.

    Do I have to insert all the collected data about my products manually into the Cannavigia software?

    No, Cannavigia offers an IoT-device function that allows you to connect the software with monitoring and sensor devices on your farm.

    Does the Cannavigia software contain accounting functions too?

    No, at the moment Cannavigia focuses its efforts on supporting your business to digitalise your cultivation processes and to achieve compliance and certification through transparency.

  • data safety & privacy

    Where does Cannavigia send my data and where is it stored?

    The added data is automatised, exclusively processed in our Cannavigia system / our statistical system (Matomo) and not transferred or forwarded to any third party. The only exception is, if you generate a ticket for Jira. In this case, the relevant data is transmitted to Jira (external system).

    Where are the Cannavigia software servers located?

    Since data safety is a number one priority for us. Therefore, all our servers are located in Switzerland.

    Who owns the data I enter into the Cannavigia software?

    The customer is the sole owner of the data.

    Does Cannavigia process personal data?

    Cannavigia is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy, and we will only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide the products and services you requested from us.

    How does Cannavigia secure my data?

    All data are stored in certified computer centres and passwords are encrypted according to state-of-the-art standards.

    Who has access to the data that I enter on Cannavigia?

    You and Cannavigia are the only parties that have access to your data, while Cannavigia will only access your data if it is requested by the the specific customer.

    Can I opt-out of having my data collected or shared?

    Cannavigia only collects data that our customers share with us due to reasons of compliance. Since this data is not shared with any third parties, opting-out is not an option.

    How can I restrict access to certain areas and tools for some staff members?

    Go to Staff → Roles → Decide for which Role you want to restrict access → click Edit → set new permission for each area, choosing between the options View, Write, and Admin.

  • purchase

    Can I try the Cannavigia software before subscribing to it?

    Request your demo here.

    What happens after the demo expires?

    If you are satisfied with your experience with the Cannavigia software and want to continue using it, get in touch with us and we are more than happy to figure out a subscription offer for you. If you didn’t like your experience with the Cannavigia software you can easily unsubscribe.

    How much does the Cannavigia software cost?

    Every business in the cannabis industry is different and therefore we aim to customize our services to your needs. Since there is no such thing as one size fits all, there is also no standard price for the Cannavigia software. Why don’t you contact us so that we can offer you a customised solution?

    How do I purchase and pay for the Cannavigia Software?

    You will pay a subscription fee on a monthly basis.

    Do I have to renew subscription for Cannavigia after a specific amount of time? Can I sign up for automatic renewal of Cannavigia?

    The subscription contracts last for a year but can be cancelled within 30-day notice by the end of the month.

    Are there any applicable taxes when using Cannavigia?

    Yes, just the standard VAT of 7.7 % in Switzerland respective the ones in the country of use.

    Which payment methods are accepted?

    Bank transfer & credit card

  • technical

    Is the Cannavigia software open source?


    Why is it not possible for me to open Cannavigia on my browser?

    If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser you may encounter difficulties. To resolve your problem, try using a different browser.

    How often do I need to update Cannavigia?

    The web app is updated automatically. You can find the changes in the changelog. The mobile app reminds you in case there is a new version available.

    Can multiple people or devices access Cannavigia simultaneously?

    Yes, multiple people can work in the Cannavigia software. Different users can have different access levels but they can work simultaneously on the platform.

    Is there a maximum amount of people that can work on Cannavigia?

    No, the amount of users you want to have access to the software can be as high as needed. However, the limit can only be adjusted by Vigia AG and is linked to our pricing model.

    Is it possible to customize the Cannavigia software?

    We aim for the best possible customisation of our products to the needs of our customers. However, customisation of the software is not possible. Instead, our product system consisting of modules allows you to choose what you need and therefore customise Cannavigia to your needs yourself.

  • software maintenance & support

    I don’t know how to set up the Cannavigia software in my business. What should I do?

    With the subscription to Cannavigia you should have received access to a user manual containing detailed information on all features of the software.

    Does Cannavigia provide a user manual to the software?

    Yes, with a subscription to the Cannaviga software comes a manual in which every feature of the software is explained and every step is visualised with pictures.

    I can’t find a solution to my problem on this FAQ page. What should I do now?

    If you are using Cannavigia already, first check the user manual, where we provide detailed information on all features of the software. If your search is not successful or you don’t have access to the user manual, contact us either by email support@cannavigia.com via or phone by +41 (44) 508 72 46.

    Does the Vigia AG have a team who can assist with on-site training, implementation, and/or customizations?

    Yes, we offer consulting services related to the themes we have dedicated our software to: cultivation, documentation, and compliance.

    I would like to deliver feedback or complain about something related to the Cannavigia software or the Vigia AG. How can I do this?

    We are welcoming feedback of every kind. This is what helps us to improve your experience with our products. In order to file a complaint please contact us either via email to support@cannavigia.com or via phone on +41 (44) 508 72 46.

    What requirements does my company have to fulfill in order to introduce Cannavigia?

    There should be at least one computer available in your company. Mac or Windows both work, as Cannavigia runs in your preferred browser. In case you want to print labels, we recommend windows as a operation system, since Mac systems are more limited regarding industrial label printers.

    How does the installation process of the software work?

    There are not too many steps to take when installing the Cannavigia Compliance Software Suite as it is a SaaS solution. This means that you do not need a dedicated server installation but only an internet connection to access all the features. Our team of consultants take care of setting up all company information, tasks, areas, technical equipment, fertilizers, additives, articles and other necessary information.

    Do I receive onboarding and training sessions after the installation of the Cannavigia software?

    Our team of consultants would love to conduct trainings in order to educate your team on the software and the correlating processes as deep as your company wishes.

    How does my company have to prepare for the installation session?

    To proceed as fast as possible we recommend that your company provides a list of all tasks that are executed in your daily business, a list of all your technical devices and equipment (climate, irrigation, etc.), a list of used fertilizers and additives, staff trainings and areas.

    How does an ideal installation and onboarding timeline look like?

    We start with entering company information, then your areas, then technical equipment, then used fertilizers and additives and all reoccuring executed tasks. Afterwards, we set up first batches to train your team on handling the software, create your end products as articles in the software and assist you in your first full grow if wished from your side.

  • cultivation module

    I just created QR-codes for all the plants in a specific batch. How can I access those individual QR-codes?

    While on the batch overview (Projects → Project name → batch name), click on the green number in the Plants section in order to see a complete list of all individual plants and their QR-codes.

    I want to apply a fertilizer mix to my plants. Why can I select only one single additive at a time?

    After you have defined the fertilizers and additives you desire, you can use them to create recipes consisting of multiple additives.

    Can I use the Cannaviga software for multiple locations?

    Yes, under Menu → Settings → Company → Locations you can easily add or delete cultivation locations.

    Does Cannavigia only allow to track specific individual Cannabis plants?

    No, Cannavigia allows to label and track plants, batches, packages, parts packages, and containers, allowing you to monitor your cultivation process on different levels of abstraction.

  • unsubscribing & refunds

    How do I unsubscribe from Cannavigia?

    If you would like to change or end your contract with us please reach out to your person of contact or send a request to support@cannavigia.com

    What is the refund procedure for Cannavigia?

    Since we are a monthly subscription-based service we would reimburse you what is owed in the respective time since your unsubscription.