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We are Europe’s pioneer compliance software for businesses to trace, secure and simplify transactions along the entire cannabis supply network.

Our system provides transparency for your individual processes, interlinked by modules for the cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of goods made of cannabis.


CANNAVIGIA is inspired by various proven compliance standards like Global G.A.P. & pharmaceutical GxP (Good Practices), in combination with the global GS1 supply chain transparency standard. All secured by blockchain technology. Whether you are a fully integrated cannabis company or focused on parts of the supply chain, we provide the software service to facilitate compliance in your processes and give you more control and security

CANNAVIGIA enables you to track each plant or batch from seed to sale. Every critical movement is logged in an immutable audit trail secured by a timestamp on two different blockchains. Our platform offers you a range of complementary services like third party lab testing, logistics, insurance, internal audits and consulting services.

CANNAVIGIA creates digital data points along the lifecycle of the product from the cultivator to the end consumer. We empower you to use this data to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your core processes. CANNAVIGIA is not only an electronic quality and compliance tool. It is a management tool, that goes beyond your value chain, that lets you analyze your productivity and share your efforts towards a sustainable future.

Beyond certification

Certifications for the newly emerging cannabis industry are essential to establish trust and to create transparency in this young and opaque market. Global standards are established and need to be applied to and adapted for cannabis. CANNAVIGIA makes standards easily executable and readily available. We integrated global GS1 standards for supply chain transparency, local standards like (e.g. Swiss Certified Cannabis for Switzerland) and other industry standards (e.g. EU-GMP for Medicinal Cannabis & GLOBAL G.A.P. for hemp).

CANNAVIGIA is a cloud-based service, applying the highest standards in digital security. We work with a Swiss host, certified according to ISO/IEC 27001 and in compliance with Swiss/European data protection and safety guidelines.


The CANNAVIGA Software suite is a modular system for your entire cannabis supply chain. Together, the modules enable you to bring transparency, compliance and security in all your processes – fully integrated from plant to patron.


The CANNAVIGIA CULTIVATION MODULE is your solution for cannabis breeding, cultivating and harvesting. Focused on the requirements of Good Agricultural & Collection Practice (GACP) and the GlobalG.A.P. standard it gives breeders, cultivators and farmers the power to monitor and operate their cultivation on different levels, in compliance with European rules and regulations. Track, trace and optimize your yield.

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The CANNAVIGIA CULTIVATION MODULE offers you flexibility and can be adapted to your facility’s needs and requirements. No matter if you are growing medicinal cannabis or hemp, indoor, greenhouse or outdoor: this module lets you track the movement and progress of all your plants. All relevant SOPs and critical control points are directly and seamlessly integrated in your system. The system offers a range of features from GACP-Journals, integrated lab and waste reports to the tracking of cannabinoid content. The module is the first step to a precise documentation of the product, essential to reduce risks to end-consumers and to keep any malicious activity out of the supply chain.


The MANUFACTURING MODULE is your tool for everything related to the processing of cannabis and cannabinoid products. The module is focused on the requirements of “Food Safety Standards” and “Good Manufacturing Practices” (GMP). It gives producers, manufacturers and processors the possibility to trace, monitor and document all manufacturing and processing steps taking place in their facility.

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The MANUFACTURING MODULE is adjustable to your production processes. The module integrates all relevant documents for process documentation, internal from raw material and supplier quality up until market release and consumer safety= module 4. It is a risk-management tool that lets you see irregularities in your system before they become a bigger problem. The system offers specific features: from inventory and equipment management over lab and COA reports to individual production planning. The module aims at keeping hazards, risks and costly delays out of your facility and to keep your operating cost at an optimum. It provides you with everything to plan, assess, document and improve your manufacturing from the process side and thus simplifying to adhere to legal requirements and to give authorities easy access to the documentation they need.


The DISTRIBUTION MODULE is your answer to the lack in transparency and traceability in cannabis distribution. It is designed to the needs of importers, exporters, wholesalers and distributors of Cannabis, Cannabinoid API, bulk ingredient or finished product. Through the integration with global GS1 standards you can track und monitor your product inventory every step along the way. Worried about a recall? We got you covered!

Customer Engagement

The CANNAVIGIA ENGAGEMENT MODULE helps you to build up a dialogue with your customer base. You are putting all that effort into producing a high-quality product and are doing everything possible to create a sustainable product - We give you a tool to share those efforts with your customers!

Are your products more focused on the medical market? You will need to provide your patients with an easy post market surveillance tool! Both needs are covered by our ENGAGEMENT MODULE.

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The CANNAVIGIA ENGAGEMENT MODULE makes your supply chain a powerful marketing tool. Sustainably sourced and produced products have an advantage in today’s economy. We help you proof to your customers in real-time that your product is from a compliant and trusted source. Few products are as highly regulated as cannabis. A disadvantage at first can be turned around by giving your clients the possibility to interact with your product. The module covers a standardized and regulatory compliant feature for product labeling using QR-Codes. Those can be used for marketing purposes, to give dynamic insight into the product or in case of product recalls. QR-Codes are a powerful tool to digitally engage with customers and provide them with information you want to share.


“We are working with CANNAVIGIA since early 2020. The software makes our daily work and documentation easier. Every log is clearly arranged and the new app makes everything even more convenient.”

Stefan Strasser, Co-Founder & Director, SWISSEXTRACT

“Not only the Pure Group benefits from CANNAVIGIA's sophisticated software. The whole industry receives added value. This step into a professional and traceable cannabis industry is a step in the right direction.”

Stevens Senn, Founder, PUREGENE Group

“From a compliance perspective, CANNAVIGIA is an efficient and easy to use tool. It integrates all current standards and the software is perfectly suited for any size - small and large.”

Fabian von Kaenel, Compliance Expert & Gründer, QPM von Kaenel

“The integration of the CANNAVGIA software and the CBD test laboratory makes compliance with the SCC (Swiss Certified Cannabis Standard) intuitive, transparent and reliable.”

Miguel Guttentag, Director, Guttentag Solutions

“So far Cannavigia has shown itself as an easy to use software. It's use is helping us in a couple of months to track the plants within our cultivation and achieve standarization of our products. A very supportive service given by easy going people who does not only understands the world of CBD but also our corporate culture.”

Maria Camila Alvarez, Head of Quality, Marry Jane