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We are Europe’s pioneer compliance software for businesses to trace, secure and simplify transactions along the entire cannabis supply network.

Our system provides transparency for your individual processes, interlinked by modules for the cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of goods made of cannabis and beyond.



We are inspired by various proven compliance standards like Global G.A.P. & pharmaceutical GxP (Good Practices), in combination with the global GS1 supply chain transparency standard. All secured by blockchain technology. Whether you are a fully integrated cannabis company or focused on parts of the supply chain, we provide the software service to facilitate compliance in your processes and give you more control and security


Certifications for the newly emerging cannabis industry are essential to establish trust and to create transparency in this young and opaque market. Global standards are established and need to be applied to and adapted for cannabis. CANNAVIGIA makes standards easily executable and readily available. We integrated global GS1 standards for supply chain transparency, local standards like (e.g. Swiss Certified Cannabis for Switzerland) and other industry standards. CANNAVIGIA is a cloud-based service, applying the highest standards in digital security. We work with a Swiss host, certified according to ISO/IEC 27001 and in compliance with Swiss/European data protection and safety guidelines.


The CANNAVIGIA Software suite is a modular system for your entire cannabis supply chain. Together, the modules enable you to bring transparency, compliance and security in all your processes – fully integrated from plant to patron.

Cultivation Module

Our Cultivation Module is your solution for cannabis breeding, cultivating and harvesting. Focused on the requirements of Good Agricultural & Collection Practice (GACP) and the GlobalG.A.P. standard it gives breeders, cultivators and farmers the power to monitor and operate their cultivation on different levels, in compliance with European rules and regulations. Track, trace and optimize your yield.
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Manufacturing Module

Our Manufacturing Module is your tool for everything related to the processing of cannabis and cannabinoid products. The module is focused on the requirements of “Food Safety Standards” and “Good Manufacturing Practices” (GMP). It gives producers, manufacturers and processors the possibility to trace, monitor and document all manufacturing and processing steps taking place in their facility.
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Marketing Module

Our Marketing Module helps you to build up a dialogue with your customer base. You are putting all that effort into producing a high-quality product and are doing everything possible to create a sustainable product - We give you a tool to share those efforts with your customers! Are your products more focused on the medical market? You will need to provide your patients with an easy post market surveillance tool! Both needs are covered by our Marketing Module.


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