Global CannaVigilance Cannabis Newsletter 2023 / 10

May 10, 2023 | Category : Global CannaVigilance | Posted By : Team Cannavigia

Hello friends of CannaVigilance,

If last week was London, then this week must be Zurich – both occasions that feature high on our priority list (as you may have noticed from our enthusiastic posts on Twitter and LinkedIn). So without any further ado, let’s dig into the week.

Don’t Miss the Upcoming CannaTrade in Zurich – See you there! 

Join us in Zurich for the upcoming CannaTrade event from 12-14 May! We’re thrilled to support the fair as Business Lounge sponsors and welcome you to talk to us. Don’t miss our CEO Luc Richner and product manager Pia Meyer sharing their insights on Switzerland’s path to legalization, including the Swiss Pilot Projects, and exploring the opportunities, risks, and timeline in Europe’s journey towards legalization during their panels and presentations.  

Visit our website for more event details and locations


Refresh and enhance Your Cannabis Cultivation Practices with these Effective standard operating practices (SOPs).

Want to take your cannabis cultivation practices to the next level? Start by creating effective SOPs. Our in-depth guide provides detailed explanations and practical examples from propagation to harvesting. And if you’re looking to simplify your Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Agricultural and Cultivation Practices (GACP) for your cannabis business, we’ve got you covered. Discover expert tips on implementing these practices effectively to improve product quality, ensure regulatory compliance, and build customer trust with ease.  

Click here to get started with effective SOPs or book a demo to talk to us directly. 

The latest industry developments: Lesotho

Discover how the nation of Lesotho is making waves in the cannabis industry. From cultivating premium strains to attracting major investments, Lesotho is quickly becoming a key player in the global market. Join us as we explore the latest developments, opportunities, and challenges facing the industry in Lesotho.  

Keep reading to find out more and stay tuned for exclusive insights and updates on global developments in the cannabis industry with our country reports

Image: MG Health

A vigilant eye on cannabis news

  • The draft for the new cannabis rules in Germany has been made available. Read more here.
  • In Luxembourg the government is going through a similar process for cannabis rules. Find out more.
  • Whilst busy with the process of legalising cannabis, Czechia is making rules to ban CBD. Learn more.
  • This Sunday on 14th May, Thailand is set to hold its general election. We’ll be eagerly anticipating any updates on how the outcome could shape the future of the cannabis industry in Thailand. More information on this here.
  • New studies have proven that Cannabis relieves pain, improves sleep, and lifts brain fog in cancer patients. Read more.
  • Brazilian state, Sao Paolo is starting to roll out the legislation that will allow domestic growing of cannabis, more on this here.
  • And with the focus firmly on Thailand this week, there are complaints from locals that the industry is being destroyed by illegal imports, learn more.

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