Global CannaVigilance Cannabis News 2023 / 10

May 10, 2023 | Category : Global CannaVigilance | Posted By : Team Cannavigia

We handpicked some news highlights from the cannabis industry around the globe. This article covers topics from 27/04 to 10/05/2023.

Update Germany

The draft for the new cannabis rules in Germany has been made available. This still has to be approved by the Senate and may change.

Same for Luxembourg?

In Luxembourg the government is going through a similar process for cannabis rules. This still needs to be passed by the legislative branch and may change.

Czechia is making rules to ban CBD

Whilst busy with the process of legalising cannabis, Czechia is making rules to ban CBD. The ban will be effective from June 2023.

New study for relieving pain

New studies have proven that Cannabis relieves pain, improves sleep, and lifts brain fog in cancer patients. The peer reviewed study was done by the University of Colorado.

Sao Paolo is starting to roll out legislation for domestic growing

Brazilian state, Sao Paolo is starting to roll out the legislation that will allow domestic growing of cannabis. In January a bill to allow cannabis to be part of the state health system was approved.

Thailand update

And with the focus firmly on Thailand this week, there are complaints from locals that the industry is being destroyed by illegal imports. Thailand’s parliament has yet to pass a long-awaited cannabis bill, leaving the regulatory framework for the industry in limbo. This Sunday 14th May, Thailand will be holding its general election, we will be staying tuned to see what this holds for the future of the cannabis industry in Thailand.


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