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December 06, 2023 | Category : Global CannaVigilance | Posted By : Team Cannavigia

Hello friends of CannaVigilance,

As we approach the conclusion of a year marked by innovation and growth, our journey continues with thrilling updates and significant milestones. Join us as we unveil the latest developments reshaping the cannabis management landscape. On the global front, intriguing updates span from Argentina to Ukraine to Canada, painting a dynamic picture of this ever-evolving landscape. Dive in to capture the essence of progress and change. 

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Cannavigia’s “CONNECT API” – New Era in Cannabis Management

Unveil the transformative “CONNECT API” by Cannavigia – setting a new standard in cannabis management. Seamlessly integrating environmental data, this innovation enhances production efficiency and offers actionable insights for cultivators. Explore the real-time integration with Priva‘s climate control sensors, already optimising operations in the Netherlands and providing comprehensive tracking throughout cultivation phases.

Delve into the details of this game-changing API and gain insights from our experts Timo Bongartz and Gustavo Pimenta in the official press release. Join us on the journey toward operational excellence. 

Grashaus Projects Grand Opening: A Historic Night for Europe’s Cannabis Industry! 

Have you heard about the big celebration on December 5th at Grashaus Projects? Witnessing the opening of the first legal specialty cannabis shop in Baselland – this marks a significant leap forward in shaping the European cannabis landscape. As proud partners of the Swiss Pilot Projects, where Cannavigia serves as the official software for tracking these initiatives, we are honoured to play a role in shaping the future of cannabis in Europe with our specialised dispensary system. This moment not only signifies a milestone for the cannabis industry but also carries the potential to inspire and guide other countries toward cannabis legislation through well-informed, data-driven decisions.

For continuous industry updates and the latest news, follow us on LinkedIn. Stay tuned for a look into the world of legal cannabis exploration! 

EU Market Entry Guide: Mastering GACP Compliance for Cannabis Success 

Embark on a journey into the thriving EU cannabis market with our comprehensive guide. Explore the importance of GACP compliance, the role of data in cultivation, and the significance of selecting the right software for seamless market entry. Elevate your cannabis business and unlock the doors to the lucrative EU pharmaceutical market with strategic insights and decision-making expertise.

Ready to make your mark in the EU cannabis landscape? Explore the full guide for essential steps and invaluable tips to help navigate your cannabis business toward success

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