Global CannaVigilance Cannabis Newsletter 2023/21

October 11, 2023 | Category : Global CannaVigilance | Posted By : Team Cannavigia

Hello friends of CannaVigilance,

The famous Afrikaans poet C. Louis Leipoldt called October the prettiest of months, but as we all know it’s also the month for Halloween. Ironically enough it also features both the October Fest and the Sober October movement. We are sure that there weren’t many overlaps in attendance. So, what we really have is a schizophrenic month. Our newsletter this week reflects the spirit of the month. Happy reading!

Cannabis Innovation Thrives in Malta: Licensing and Opportunities Await

Malta, the first EU country to legalise adult-use cannabis in December 2021, is at the forefront of cannabis innovation. This move aims to explore new revenue streams and erase criminal convictions related to cannabis use. Furthermore, Malta has been rapidly advancing in the medical cannabis sector since its legalisation in March 2018, attracting investments and fostering a business-friendly environment. While challenges remain, including regulatory hurdles and pending licenses for non-commercial cannabis clubs, Malta’s cannabis journey offers exciting opportunities.

Dive into our latest country report to understand the licensing process and rules for growing cannabis in Malta here and be sure to download our complimentary licensing checklist!

Meet Timo Bongartz, Our New Chief Commercial Officer at Cannavigia!

We have some exciting news to share! In a recent feature by Business of Cannabis, Timo Bongartz, our new Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), sat down with Ben Stevens to discuss Cannavigia’s role in the Swiss Pilot Projects, the vital role of data in the future of the cannabis industry, and the current challenges it faces. Timo, with over a decade of experience in driving innovation and launching ventures, is spearheading our growth in the horticulture and cannabis sector. His dedication to streamlining operations and enhancing productivity, as well as his recognition as a “40 under 40” award recipient in the lighting industry, makes him a valuable addition to the Cannavigia family. 

Learn more about Timo in our interview, where we delve into his past experiences and his strategies for leveraging his expertise at Cannavigia. The conversation also provides insights into the current state of the industry, its resilience in the face of challenges, and Timo’s predictions for the future. 

Cannabis Legalisation in Europe: Unpacking Social Justice and Equity

In First Wednesdays‘ latest report, we delve into the intersection of policing, cannabis legalisation, and social equity in Europe, emphasising the cannabis industry’s role in advocating for progressive reform. This report underscores the pressing need to address racial disparities and establish equitable cannabis policies across the continent. This report, produced in collaboration with partners, including Hanway Associates, Pagefield, Volteface, Prohibition Partners, Krautinvest, Loveblood, and Artemis Growth Partners, reveals critical findings, including policing data disparities, questions about social justice, and unique challenges compared to the US in cannabis law reform. 

Dive into the complete report as we ignite discussions and spearhead meaningful change in this ever-evolving landscape. Be among the first to receive company updates, access industry insights, and explore software feature highlights. Connect with us on LinkedIn today to stay informed! 

A vigilant eye on cannabis news

  • The Malawi government has facilitated the first ever legal export of Malawi Gold – to Macedonia. The government sees this as a potential $500 million per annum export 
  • The Netherlands is to officially launch its pilot program to legalise the sale of adult-use cannabis in the country in December. The program aims to assess whether coffee shops in the participating municipalities will receive authorisation to legally sell cannabis. 
  • Italy’s legal yo-yoing around CBD takes another swipe in the right direction. The industry claimed another ‘important success’ last week as the recent ministerial decree that threatened to reclassify CBD oil as a narcotic substance was temporarily suspended. 
  • Can Taiwan be the next Asian country to look positively at cannabis? This survey of almost 40 000 Taiwanese has interesting results.  
  • On September 29 opponents of Germany’s Cannabis Act failed to prevent the bill from progressing in the German Federal Council. Two key possible showstoppers failed to gain enough support and ultimately cannot prevent the legalisation of cannabis. 
  • A herd of sheep struggling to find fresh grass for food due to extreme flooding started behaving strangely after eating large parts of a cannabis crop. The owner of the crop said: “I don’t know if it’s for laughing or crying.” 

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