Global CannaVigilance Cannabis Newsletter 2023/18

August 30, 2023 | Category : Global CannaVigilance | Posted By : Team Cannavigia

Hello friends of CannaVigilance,

It’s been a busy week in Switzerland as you will notice from the rest of the newsletter. Things weren’t standing still in other parts of the world either, but that’s what happens this time of year. We went to check out what you need to do to get growing in North Macedonia as well. Happy reading.  

Exciting Update: Zürich’s ZüriCan Cannabis Pilot Trials Kick Off! 

Introducing ZüriCan Cannabis Pilot Trials in Zurich – a pioneering step in Swiss cannabis legalisation. Collaborating with the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), we offer our advanced Cannabis Dispensary System for transparent regulation. ZüriCan involves 2,100+ participants and 21 dispensaries, uniquely combining tailored interfaces and our Cannavigia Cannabis Compliance Software Suite for precise monitoring of cultivation, supply chain, and sales. With already approximately 250 sales on the day of launch.  

This milestone resonates with our commitment to shaping the dynamic cannabis landscape. Looking forward to the invaluable insights this initiative will capture. Discover more in our official press release. A huge step forward for the cannabis industry! 

Unveiling North Macedonia’s Cannabis Industry: Challenges and Prospects 

In 2016, North Macedonia peacefully gained independence from Yugoslavia and embarked on legalising cannabis for medical use, aiming to bolster its economy. While the move attracted investment due to the country’s cost-effective resources, issues with the current law, including concerns about licensing fairness, pose obstacles to international market access for some. Nonetheless, North Macedonia’s cannabis journey under the Prime Minister’s guidance holds promising potential. Uncover our in-depth report on North Macedonia’s pioneering cannabis sector with our complimentary business startup checklist

Delve deeper into our report for a comprehensive understanding of North Macedonia’s cannabis landscape and insights into navigating licensing intricacies. Read more through the following link and don’t forget to download the checklist.

Cannavigia Takes the Spotlight in Recent Media Coverage 

We’re thrilled to share that Cannavigia has been making waves across various media platforms. With this significant milestone achieved in the Swiss city of Zurich, our industry has marked noteworthy progress with the official launch of its cannabis pilot trial ‘ZüriCan’ last week. As you may have noticed, Cannavigia, as a partner in this project, has been receiving a lot of recognition in the media. Thanks to Cannabis News World, ADUC, Cannabis Law Report, Cannabis Health News, Cannabis Industrie, Business of Cannabis and Newsweed. Being a partner with the Swiss government is a testament to the impact we’re making in the cannabis space and our collaboration with the Swiss government sets us apart on our journey to redefine the cannabis industry. We appreciate the interest in what we have to offer. 

Stay up to date with us on our journey as we navigate this industry. Follow us on our Linkedin for frequent updates. Let’s stay connected and keep shaping the future of cannabis. 

A vigilant eye on cannabis news

  • Thailand’s fluctuating politics and unregulated industry notwithstanding, investors are piling in. Competition, oversupply and expected new regulations around the drug’s cultivation and sale may still change that. 
  • Mexico’s marijuana farmers are fighting a losing battle to go legal with the current government. This video report form Al Jazeera explains it all. 
  • While the German law still has to be discussed in the Bundestag, there is very little doubt that it will move forward. Here is a look at what happens next and who the winners and losers are.  
  • The government of the Bahamas has unveiled several bills aimed at legalising marijuana for medical and religious purposes. Licenses for research, testing and manufacturing would be awarded to companies that are at least 30% Bahamian owned. 

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