Global CannaVigilance Cannabis News 2023 / 14

July 05, 2023 | Category : Global CannaVigilance | Posted By : Team Cannavigia

We handpicked some news highlights from the cannabis industry around the globe. This article covers topics from 21/06 to 05/07/2023.

Luxembourg Legalises Personal Use and Cultivation of Cannabis

Luxembourg has become the second European Union member country to legalise the possession and cultivation of cannabis for personal use after Malta. It allows for the possession, consumption, and cultivation of up to three grams. 

EU MEPs Advocate for Easier Cannabis Legalisation Process

Various EU MEP’s have started putting their foot down with the EU’s anti-prohibition stand. Lead by the Irishman Luke Flanagan, he stated: “As MEPs we cannot directly change the law but what we can do is make sure that for any state looking to go down this route, it is made as easy as possible.” 

Europe’s Unique Opportunities for Cannabis Businesses Explored

Newsweek has published an in-depth look at why it’s better to have an EU-based cannabis company rather than a North America-based one. It refers to Europe as a “continent that offers unique opportunities for growth and expansion, positioning itself as an attractive and lucrative destination for innovative cannabis businesses.” 

South Africa Holds Discussions on Cannabis and Hemp Sector

The South African government brought together more than a hundred stake holders to discuss cannabis and hemp. The cannabis and hemp sector is one of 14 priority sectors that have been defined in the government’s Country Investment Strategy as holding significant potential to secure investment, job creation and support for sustainable rural livelihoods. 

Albania on the Verge of Legalising Cannabis for Medical and Industrial Use

Albania is poised to legalise cannabis for medical and industrial use. The Albanian government canvassed the opinion of its citizens via a National Survey and some 61 percent were in favour of legalisation. 

Italian Government’s Proposal for Regulating “Cannabis Light” Industry Withdrawn

The Italian government tabled proposals aiming to regulate the nation’s booming “cannabis light” industry. A day later, they u-turned on its decision and withdrew the proposals. 

Malta’s Lack of Progress in Implementing Recreational Cannabis Legalisation

Malta may have been the first EU country to legalise recreational use, but subsequently not much has happened. This includes not awarding any social club licenses

French President Introduces Spot Fines for Cannabis Smoking

French president, Emmanuel Macron made time in his busy schedule fighting protestors to announce spot fines for people caught smoking cannabis. This will make it possible for people ticketed by police to pay the officer on the spot. 


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