Global CannaVigilance Cannabis News 2023 / 06

March 16, 2023 | Category : Global CannaVigilance | Posted By : Team Cannavigia

We handpicked some news highlights from the cannabis industry around the globe. This article covers topics from 02/03 to 15/03/2023.

The Netherlands have finally put a time frame on their Legal Cannabis Sale pilot program 

The show will get on the road in the Southern Dutch towns of Tilburg and Breda between October and December this year. 

Spain is set to quadruple their legal cannabis production this year

This follows in the wake of the Spanish parliament turning down legislation to legalise last month

Mexico’s emerging legal cannabis industry welcomed its first company authorised to grow at commercial scale

The authorisation was almost immediately challenged by other government departments. Mexico’s health regulator COFEPRIS said later in a joint statement with the interior ministry that officials could not vouch for the safety of the company’s plans and that the agencies will seek cancellation of the authorisation because of the health risk they pose. 

Peru has new regulations for the use of medical cannabis

The regulations detail the requirements to obtain the different types of cannabis licenses available. 

Continuing their journey back to the 1930s, Hungary has…

…decided to defy the EU with regards to the acceptance of a WHO resolution about cannabis legislation. The EU is now taking them to court for not toeing the line.  

On a lighter note… 

Czechia refuses to recognise the Cannabis Church as a religion. The Supreme Court did not agree with the argument presented by the church that “The Christian faith sees the source of Jesus’ healing power in God, whereas the Cannabis Church is based on the belief in the healing effects of cannabis” 

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