Meet the team: Lukas Maschek

October 02, 2021 | Category : ecosystem | Posted By : Lorenz Minks

Behind every successful company is a motivated team with people that are sitting together in the trenches and bringing our vision further one day at a time. We are happy and proud to share more about the creatives, the tech team and the general ecosystem of people that have brought CANNAVIGIA to where it is today.

Today we proudly present you our Project Assistant Lukas Maschek

Lukas, what do you do at Cannavigia?

My time at Cannavigia is split between regular consulting trips to Zimbabwe and office work in Switzerland. In Zimbabwe, I help local farmers understand the importance of compliance in cultivation and processing of cannabis in order to obtain a high-quality product. The software allows the farmers to be on top of their cultivations and maintain not just the standard GACP documentation needed for the global cannabis market but also to monitor and “Track & Trace” everything that is happening in their cultivation be it outdoors or in the greenhouses.

In Switzerland, I currently focus on office tasks such as creating a solid cannabis nomenclature, writing standard operating procedures (SOPs), and troubleshooting the Cannavigia software.

What is your favorite aspect of working at Cannavigia?

In particular, I like the automatic generation of journals and reports. These journals and reports use the raw cultivation data entered at the farms and process it in a form that meets the requirements of the administrative bodies. Therefore, I think Cannavigia is a valuable interface between agriculture and bureaucracy.

What is the most exciting development that you were part of since you joined the team?

Travelling to a continent I never visited before to work with people I never met before in order to solve problems I never encountered before.

Where do you see the Cannabis industry going and why do you think transparency and compliance has a justified place in it?

I believe that in 10 years, the cannabis industry will be highly regulated and will not be viewed with as much skepticism as it is today. In my personal opinion, compliance is a good way to achieve regulation, while transparency is a good way to reduce mistrust and misconceptions.

What do you like to do for fun?

In my free time I enjoy discovering music, reading, gardening and nature in general. I also appreciate being with friends and family, especially if it involves philosophical discussions and a beer or two.


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