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Behind every successful company is a motivated team with people that are sitting together in the trenches and bringing out vision further one day at a time. We are happy and proud to share more about the creatives, the tech team and the general ecosystem of people that have brought CANNAVIGIA to where it is today.

Today we proudly present you our CEO and Founder Luc Richner.

A serial entrepreneur with 12+ years of experience in building and managing companies in various industries in Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia in the areas logistics, furniture, events, hospitality and tech. Luc has successfully finished the pioneer class of the Executive MBA in Digital Leadership at HWZ Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration.

Luc, what do you do at Cannavigia?

I keep everyone happy and motivated.. (laughs). Jokes aside, since we are a start-up we all wear several hats at the moment. One central role of mine is steering the ship in the right direction and keeping the long term vision on track, engaging with stakeholders, building the team, strengthening the network and leading the sales & marketing department. On the software development side I am in charge of what we call “Module Marketing: Customer/Patient Engagement” where we provide a platform for our clients to share the collected data with their customers/patients.

What is your favorite feature of the software and why?

The customer engagement and retention feature that will allow you to share all the collected data with the consumer through a QR code on the end product. Being able to engage with a customer after the standard customer life cycle is a great value added in the consumer sector and a necessity in the pharmaceutical field. Being able to share valuable product information on a batch level I feel adds a lot of value to the sustainability and transparency efforts that our clients take.


We have been rolling out the cultivation module (GACP) quite successfully in various countries and on three continents over the last 12 months. It was super exciting to see the adaptability rate at which the software is being implemented and how much added value it brings our customers. In the quality control we usually deal with a specific kind of people and if you can get a head of quality excited about a new project or a new software in this case it really feels like we must have done something right.

Where do you see the cannabis industry going and why do you think transparency and compliance has a justified place in it?

I see the cannabis industry currently going through a very interesting phase in any nascent booming industry. we had the first wave of overinflated prices be aligned and are going through the second correction as we speak. competition is becoming stronger and price sensitivity is key. In these times of consolidation and/or building strong supply chains and supply networks I see a great need for companies to either work with our or with one of the competing software’s. But either way I believe the forward thinking company in this industry will work with a compliance software or track and trace rather sooner than later.

What do you like to do for fun?

In my “past-life” where I was based in Bali I would have had a straightforward answer saying my dogs, surfing, freediving, spearfishing, travelling, going out and just generally exploring the wild. Back in Switzerland, fun is not so much in the centre of society but networking, art, snowboarding, boating, being outdoors and spending time with friends are making up for that.


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