Meet the team: Fabio Paulitti

September 29, 2021 | Category : Cannavigia | Posted By : Team Cannavigia

Behind every successful company is a motivated team with people that are sitting together in the trenches and bringing out vision further one day at a time. We are happy and proud to share more about the creatives, the tech team and the general ecosystem of people that have brought CANNAVIGIA to where it is today.

Today we proudly present you our executive assistant Fabio Paulitti.

Fabio, what do you do at Cannavigia?

I am the assistant to the executive board. My tasks range from supporting the Vigia AG to implement and fulfil the criteria needed to become ISO9001:2015-certified and the upcoming palm oil project in Indonesia and Malaysia.

What is your favourite aspect of working with Cannavigia?

mission of Cannavigia, which is providing a tool for transparency and guidance for compliance, the “Tasks” function allows for effective coordination and planning of tasks during the whole production process. The function encourages knowledge to be shared quickly throughout the organisation reducing misunderstandings or inefficiencies.

What is the most exciting development that you went through in the last year?

Screening the whole company while documenting business processes. It is fascinating to get insights into all departments a tech company has to offer.

Where do you see the Cannabis industry going and why do you think transparency and compliance has a justified place in it?

The Cannabis industry is experiencing a rapid increase in legitimisation (almost globally) which comes with legal liberalisation. As long as all participants along the supply chain can ensure legal compliance in their business activities I do not see any serious obstacles that could stop this trend.

What do you like to do for fun?

I am a passionate drummer and enjoy jamming with my band.


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