How Cannavigia supports Marry Jane in GACP compliance 

May 16, 2023 | Category : Case Studies | Posted By : Team Cannavigia

Company at a glance 

Marry Jane is a Swiss company specialising in CBD flowers. Founded in 2017, the team now cultivates flowers for large customers and end consumers in the largest CBD facility in Switzerland, offering customers everything from cuttings production to end products. The company manages three shops in Switzerland as well as nine shops in Germany and one in Spain. Marry Jane’s goal is to offer their customers CBD of the highest quality and to continuously improve their products. 

Problem: Cultivating THC cannabis for medicinal purposes according to GACP 

Marry Jane has been a Cannavigia customer for over two years. The company liked the idea of the software to implement full traceability, even though it is not yet an official requirement in Switzerland. They already paid attention to guidelines that were not yet required by the authorities with the first cannabis plants they cultivated. For a long time, they wanted to go one step further and cultivate THC cannabis for medicinal purposes in addition to growing CBD flowers. In 2022, they decided to take this step. Although the team was already paying attention to guidelines that were not mandatory by authorities, they knew that medicinal THC cannabis would require adherence to some additional regulations and audits. This includes cultivation according to the GACP guidelines. 

Solution: Cannavigia’s consulting team assists with GACP compliance 

Based on the existing collaboration, Marry Jane decided to engage Cannavigia for GACP compliance support. The Cannavigia team has been with Marry Jane since the beginning of the project, pointing out what is missing from the existing cultivation for compliance, what is still needed, what needs attention and what does not. In the initial weekly meetings, their various issues were discussed and dismantled, the work instructions Marry Jane wrote were gone through, and tasks were distributed.. Over several months the consulting team shared their expertise in an advisory capacity, leading Marry Jane to being audited and GACP validated. Mischa Gribi, co-founder, explains what will change directly at Marry Jane as a result of GACP: “Training new employees will certainly be easier and there will be fewer error deviations. And already the process of creating the work instructions was helpful because you could improve processes there. The plant is still growing, it’s just better documented.”

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