Global CannaVigilance Cannabis Newsletter 2022 / 6

March 16, 2022 | Category : Global CannaVigilance | Posted By : Team Cannavigia

Hello friends of CannaVigilance,

While everybody is recovering from the exuberance that was Spannabis and ICBC Barcelona and finally getting to meet each other face to face again, we have news from Portugal, Costa Rica, France and various other hot spots on what is happening in the world of cannabis. But first, let’s have a look at what’s happening at Cannavigia. 

How to get a license in Zimbabwe 

In September 2021 Zimbabwe issued licenses to 57 companies from Germany, Switzerland, Canada and Zimbabwe to grow medical cannabis. The government claims that cannabis sales will generate more than $1 billion in the coming year for them. It is difficult to predict if this is true – but we know for sure the steps the 57 companies had to take to get a license and what their challenges have been. In our latest cannabis country report, you will find detailed information on how to get a license in Zimbabwe and learn why there is a long way to go for the Zimbabwean cannabis industry.  

Read the report here.  

From Barcelona to Cape Town  

We just returned from a great weekend in Barcelona where we attended the ICBC Barcelona and Spannabis. We had the pleasure of listening to interesting panels, talking to inspiring industry leaders and of course meeting Jim Belushi in person! We will soon share a video of the panel we participated in on our website – stay tuned!   

Next stop is Cape Town! We will have our own stand at the Cannabis Expo in Cape Town from March 24 – 27 . Pay us a visit at stand 112 or schedule a meeting here.

A Chief Growth Officer with a love for carbon steel and cats 

In our ‘meet the team’ series we present you the creative people behind Cannavigia. We are happy to introduce Tricia Banach to you: She is our Chief Growth Officer and is responsible for sales, strategy and growth at Cannavigia. She loves taking new classes like creative welding with carbon steel, has two Sphynx cats and will soon be a European resident.

A vigilant eye on cannabis news:  

  • The French government issued a decree last month that authorizes the cultivation of medical cannabis and the development of its industry. Although the decree entered into force on March 1, 2022, regulators need to implement it. The legislation only specifies the conditions and procedures for the cultivation and production of cannabis for medical use. The rather vague legislation can be seen here
  • The Dutch government is moving closer to the start of their experiment to grow cannabis within their borders rather than just importing. The first samples will be presented by the end of March to decide which of the five companies vying will be given the two licences that will be awarded. The purpose of the experiment is to determine whether and how controlled cannabis can be legally supplied to coffee shops and what the effects of this would be. 
  • Trade group Cannacasa has requested the Portuguese government to suspend an amendment that puts tight restrictions on hemp production, calling the law “highly harmful to the establishment of a hemp industry in Portugal.” Growers are protesting a number of provisions in the amendment they say seem aimed specifically at shutting down trade in hemp flowers. Rules also prohibit the transportation of hemp flowers from the farm where they are grown – essentially banning their trade; prohibits hemp growing in indoor and greenhouse facilities; requires growers to put in at least 0.5 hectares; and sets restrictions on the use and handling of cultivation seeds. 
  • Costa Rica’s Congress passed a bill that would legalize medical marijuana and the cultivation of hemp for industrial purposes. 
  •  The Israeli government is considering decriminalizing recreational marijuana use and expunging the criminal records of those convicted of personal possession or use of cannabis, President Isaac Herzog and Justice Minister Gideon Sa’ar announced.  

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