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March 02, 2022 | Category : Global CannaVigilance | Posted By : Deon Maas

Hello friends of CannaVigilance,

Great news from our development team: We have launched a new version of our Cannavigia software! Our most important update is the implementation of the manufacturing feature. It gives producers, manufacturers and processors the possibility to plan, trace, monitor and document all manufacturing and processing steps taking place in their facility. It also helps to automatically check if there is enough available amount in stock before starting a production. If you want to learn more about the manufacturing feature or if you are curious about other updates, contact us.  

To work with cannabis products or grow the plant, you need a license in most countries. What does the situation look like in Portugal? Read on and find out!

 How to get a license in Portugal 

Portugal seemed to be the dreamland for cannabis cultivation. But is it really that easy to get a license? In our latest cannabis country report we not only talk about the current legal situation in Portugal, but we also give you a detailed guide on how to get a license, what information you need to submit and how long the process takes.  

Read the report here.  

Meet us at the ICBC Barcelona and Spannabis! 

We are going to Barcelona soon – meet us at the ICBC or Spannabis from March 10-12! The two trade shows have partnered up to form a super-conference that is a must-attend for anyone that is serious about succeeding in the emerging cannabis industry. At the ICBC our CEO Luc Richner will speak alongside Marguerite Arnold from Medpayrx, Shlomo Booklin, a master grower and chief cannabis strategist, and Clint Younge from Charlie’s Cannabis Co about supply chain strategies to forward the cannabis reform. The discussion starts at 4pm on March 10th.  

No time to attend the panel but you have some questions about compliance, cannabis supply chain or the Cannavigia seed to sale software? Meet Luc Richner in Barcelona on March 10-12. You can schedule a meeting with him here.

A vigilant eye on cannabis news:  

  • Slovenian company PharmaHemp has started building an EUR 11 million facility to produce and process hemp products in Komenda, north of Ljubljana, in what it says will bring together the broadest range of services in the field of hemp in Europe. The 3,320-square metre hemp factory will be “the most modern and technologically-advanced infrastructure for the processing and production of raw materials and products from hemp”, the company announced in a press release
  • Infarmed, Portugal’s cannabis agency under the Portuguese Health Ministry released a circular reinforcing that the use of CBD extracted from cannabis for industrial purposes is prohibited. Citing the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, the President of Infarmed, Rui Santos Ivo, makes it clear that “cosmetic products cannot contain substances/preparations related to the cannabis plant, regardless of their tetrahydrocannabinol”. If you want to learn more about cannabis in Portugal, read our country report.  
  • The South African government’s commitment to industrialise the cannabis industry was backed by President Cyril Ramaphosa in his recent State of the Nation Address. The President justified the stance as part of a broader project “to realise huge potential for investment and job creation”, but the standoff between big companies and traditional small growers has not been resolved. 
  • Italy’s Constitutional Court rejected a request to hold a referendum on legalising the cultivation of cannabis, provoking the ire of promoters who called the decision a blow to democracy. Giuliano Amato, the Constitutional Court president said: “This is enough to make us violate multiple international obligations.” 
  • The rap legend Snoop Dogg’s VC firm, Casa Verde, is leading a $15m Series B round into Cansativa, a Frankfurt-based cannabis distribution platform that currently stocks German pharmacies. The country’s new coalition government, formed of the centre-left Social Democrats, The Green Party and the liberal Free Democratic Party, has pledged to move toward legalising recreational cannabis use within four years. 
  • High Times have made a list of what they think are the countries who are most advanced when it comes to cannabis research. We challenge this list and are very curious how Switzerland didn’t make this list with its cutting-edge technology companies that are redefining the understanding of the plant. See if you agree

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