Global CannaVigilance Cannabis Newsletter 2022 / 16

August 03, 2022 | Category : Global CannaVigilance | Posted By : Team Cannavigia

Hello friends of CannaVigilance,  

What a fantastic start to the week. Monday, 1 August, not only marked Swiss National day but also the day Switzerland fully legalized medical cannabis and allowed export. Being based in Switzerland, we are happy to see this important milestone for future cannabis laws and we are proud that Switzerland is taking a pioneering role in the cannabis industry. Enough about Switzerland for now – Germany and South Africa have also been in our focus in the last few weeks and other countries are not holding back with interesting news either. 

The cannabis industry meets in Berlin & Durban 

It has been a busy time for those attending cannabis conferences. Berlin and Durban may not seem to have much in common, but in both these cities the main points of discussion circled around rules and regulations that are shaping the market and how transparency can actually serve as a conduit to transcend all this. After being part of both conferences, we wrapped up the most important topics at each show in two articles on our website:     

Can modern technology make regulatory standards obsolete?

Rules and regulations have also been one of the main topics in an interview Cannavigia CEO Luc Richner gave to Ben Stevens from BusinessCann. The two talked about the need for a global standardised model for the regulation of cannabis and what role Cannavigia plays in its creation. 

Find the full interview here.   

A vigilant eye on cannabis news 

  • Zimbabwe is allowing hemp-based products to be sold for the first time. The southern African nation is seeking to boost income from cannabis as it gradually shifts away from tobacco, the main cash-crop. The approval will help spur an industry that the country’s Treasury estimates has the potential to reach $1.25 billion a year.  
  • Thailand’s decriminalisation of cannabis coupled with the dropping Covid-restrictions for foreign visitors has led to a huge boom in tourism. According to Ong-ard Panyachatiraksa an owner of one of the smoking cafés that are popping up all over the place “cannabis and tourism are a match”, even though these cafés are operating in an unclear section of Thai law. The confusion continues. In the meantime, in Guam moves are being made to encourage cannabis tourism.  
  • In the Netherlands a neighbourhood has arisen where all the houses (well, with all we mean thirteen) are built of hemp. The area, Oude Pekela, is known for its hemp harvests, so not only have all the houses been built with hemp, but it was also all grown in the area.  
  • Key European government ministers have concluded more work must be done to craft a sustainable framework for regulating recreational cannabis across the region. Industry officials called the meeting a positive first step in developing a workable regulatory solution for overseeing the production and sale of legal recreational cannabis within the European Union. 

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