Global CannaVigilance Cannabis Newsletter 2022 / 10

May 11, 2022 | Category : Global CannaVigilance | Posted By : Team Cannavigia

Hello friends of CannaVigilance,  

With the European summer around the corner and the first rush of conventions behind us, the year is settling into a very positive one for the cannabis industry with mostly good news on almost a daily basis.  Europe is getting its first legal seed bank, Germany, it seems, is finally moving toward legalization and Greece is jumping on the bandwagon. Unfortunately, as you will see when you read our news update, elsewhere the problem of short cuts and dangerous behavior is still threatening the image of our industry. But first in this Cannabis Newsletter, we’ll start in Uruguay. 

Cannabis Country Report Uruguay: How to legally grow and obtain cannabis

Cannabis Newsletter 2022 / 10

Cannabis for recreational use was legalized in Uruguay in 2013. Uruguayans and legal residents must register in a government database to obtain non-medical cannabis. In doing so, there are three ways to obtain the cannabis. And when it comes to legal cultivation, there are also a lot of things to consider and some rules to follow. 

In our latest country report, we take a closer look at the Uruguayan cannabis industry. You will learn about the three legal ways to acquire cannabis for non-medical purposes in Uruguay and what growers need to know in order to get a cultivation license. 

Read the report here

Meet us at a cannabis trade show near you

Cannabis Newsletter 2022 / 10

Having already participated in several trade shows this year such as Cannabis Expo in Cape Town, Spannabis and ICBC in Barcelona as well as CB Club in Zurich, there are still many more to come. You will find us at these conventions with our own booth:  

Get an overview of the trade shows and events we will be attending here.
We will of course share all info about trade shows in future Global CannaVigilance Cannabis Newsletter.

Next event: Cannavigia’s CEO Luc Richner speaks at a webinar about ‘Cannabis Cultivation Risk Management’ on May 18, 7pm CET. In this webinar, leading cannabis experts discuss their experience on how to navigate major obstacles in cannabis cultivation in Africa, and how technology can play a leading role in supporting a successful cannabis operation. Are you interested in participating? Sign up here.   

A vigilant eye on cannabis news:  

  • Europe’s first legal, registered seed bank will open shortly in Copenhagen. Run by Franchise Global it will have 286 different strains of seeds, including 19 Cannabis Cup winners. 
  • It looks like the German government is making good on its election promises after a tweet from Finance Minister Christian Lindner saying that good news is on the cards. According to the timeline he alluded to, technical details should be ready by autumn.  
  • Greek minister for Development and Investment, Adonis Georgiadis, claimed that medical cannabis would be produced and sold in Greece starting in 2022.  Speaking exclusively to Greek Reporter he said: “The goal is for Greece to become the top European country in the production of medical cannabis.”  
  • In Italy a “medical marijuana” lab blew up, killing two workers.  Closer inspection showed that the owner of the premises designed an ultrasonic washing machine, similar to what is used to clean jewellery, to bathe cannabis in pentane to lower the level of THC and thus enable the company to sell the products as “Cannabis Lite.”  
  • Cannabis producers are among the least reputable corporations in the eyes of Canadians – ranking alongside petroleum companies and others – largely because they remain unknown to the general public, according to a new survey measuring the reputations of nearly 300 businesses operating in Canada.  

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