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February 15, 2023 | Category : Global CannaVigilance | Posted By : Deon Maas

We handpicked some news highlights from the cannabis industry around the globe. This article covers topics from 02/02 to 15/02/2023.

Malta has published the rules for their cannabis clubs

The rules are pretty basic and applications will open on 28 February. Currently there are some concerns about the state of medicinal cannabis in Malta and the question is asked if these social clubs may be a viable alternative. Medicinal cannabis has been legal in Malta since 2018, but with representation from patients in making the rules, there has been accusations that the laws put business above users’ interest.

Updates from South Africa

The (non-existent) legal framework for South African legalisation was brought up by President Cyril Ramaphosa during his State of the Nation address again. The speech focused on the economic impact without once again creating a time frame for moving forward. University of Johannesburg professor, Thembisa Waetjen has written a great piece on the legacy of apartheid’s influence on moving legislation forward. The piece focuses on why poor rural communities, long the staple of the South African grow industry are losing out to big business.

Japan, long a fierce prohibitionist, is moving forward on legalising medicinal cannabis

There are a variety of proposed amendments to the Cannabis Control Act that will be reviewed during their current parliamentary session. The new legislation will however include more severe punishment for recreational users. At the same time there is huge growth in the CBD market. Japan’s largest cosmetics & lifestyle trade show “Cosme Tokyo 2023” also featured significantly more CBD brands for the first time.

Norway recently held a public meeting to discuss access to medicinal cannabis

Norway, one of the most cautious states in Europe when it comes to cannabis liberalisation, recently held a public meeting to discuss access to medicinal cannabis. The event brought together politicians from across the Norwegian political spectrum, alongside local medical professionals, patient representatives and industry stakeholders.

In the Czech Republic, things are moving fast

While the focus is on Germany to be the next country in Europe to legalise, over in Czechia things may be moving faster than the plodding German machine. Over the last two years, the Czech Republic has seen several major reforms to its cannabis laws, which have significantly influenced the domestic cannabis sector. Lukas Hurt gives a breakdown on all the changes that are happening there.

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