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January 18, 2023 | Category : Global CannaVigilance | Posted By : Team Cannavigia

We handpicked some news highlights from the cannabis industry around the globe. This article covers topics from 05/01 to 18/01/2023.

Rolling Stone has published a piece on the importance of GMP

When a magazine as influential as Rolling Stone writes a piece about the importance of GMP, it’s time to take note. The writer argues that by sticking to GMP rules, a lot of cash-strapped farmers will find a new market for their product.

Argentina will invest $106 million in research and development for hemp and cannabis projects

Argentina’s Ministry of Science said it will invest more than $106 million in 13 research and development projects in hemp and cannabis across six provinces. It will ease access to cannabinoid-based medicines in a rapidly growing domestic market currently served by imports.

From 1 January 2023 medical insurance providers in Colombia have to cover cannabis prescriptions

Further North in Colombia a new law that kicked in on 1 January 2023 determines that every medical insurance provider in the country must cover the cost of medical cannabis prescription. The Colombian government also validated certain medical conditions that cannabis was found to be an effective treatment for.

From mid-January a fresh wave of prosecutions of hemp and CBD businesses and consumers started in Ireland

Europe’s flip-flopping over the status of CBD is allowing the Irish authorities free rein to persecute the country’s hemp and CBD industry. From mid-January a fresh wave of prosecutions of hemp and CBD businesses and consumers started after the European Commission declined to sanction the Government.

Psychology Today looks at how the small farmer is getting pushed out because of legalisation

Legalisation has been welcomed by most, but there is one group of people that may not be jumping for joy and that is the small farmer. In this US case study by a veteran cannabis writer and medical doctor, he looks at how farming that has been a family business for generations, is getting pushed out of the market.

One of the members of Germany’s ruling coalition, the FDP has urged the legalisation process to move ahead faster

Germany….the saga continues. The FDP (one of the members of the ruling coalition) has urged the legalisation process to move ahead faster. They joined the Greens (another member of the alliance) who made a similar demand a week prior. At the same time the German Customs Union has made it known that they oppose the legalisation process. As justification they cite EU law and “also doubts that legalisation can improve youth and health protection and dry up the black market.”

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