A look back at the 2022 Cannabis Fairs & Conferences

October 09, 2022 | Category : Trade Shows & Events | Posted By : Silvana Zollinger

2022 was a year full of exciting trade shows for Cannavigia. We travelled to four continents to showcase our seed to sale software, exchange knowledge with industry experts and dive into the diverse cannabis industries of this world. Let’s take a look back at the 2022 Cannabis Fairs & Conferences!

Get now an overview what shows we will be attending in 2023.

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Asia International Hemp Expo

  • Date: November 30 – December 3, 2022
  • Location: Bangkok South Africa

The Asia International Hemp Expo is the first and only international event in Thailand for business people and industrialists seeking information, crucial benefits, greater awareness and sustainable solutions for the future of hemp and cannabis which has already been unlocked and legalized in Thailand.

We had an amazing booth where visitors could try out the Cannavigia software and the app themselves. Further, CEO Luc Richner talked about compliance, standards and cannabis supply chain traceability on the second day of the trade show. Read our recap on the present and future of cannabis in Thailand.

The Cannabis Expo Johannesburg

  • Date: November 18-20, 2022
  • Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

The Cannabis Expo is the global marketplace for education and innovative products and businesses serving the cannabis industry and its medicinal, agricultural, financial and lifestyle aspects.

We welcomed visitors at booth 57 where we answered all their questions about the Cannavigia software and how to use it for their cultivation or production.

Read here the interview we held with Wesley after the trade show and find out why he thinks cannabis in Africa is in high gear.

 expo johannesburg wesley petzer

Cumbre Nacional de Cannabis y Cáñamo 2022

  • Date: November 10-11, 2022
  • Location: Cali, Colombia

The National Cannabis and Hemp Summit 2022 (Cumbre Nacional de Cannabis y Cáñamo 2022) brings together all sectors of this industry, from the grower, the small, medium and large entrepreneur, to the end consumer. The main objective of the National Cannabis Summit is to contribute to the construction of Colombia’s medical and industrial cannabis production chain.

We were having our own booth at the summit and our business development manager Andres Nitola had the opportunity to give a presentation on traceability and transparency in the cannabis industry.

Read our talk about regulations, exports and the convention with Andres Nitola.

cumbre nacional

Medical Cannabis Europe Conference

  • Date: September 15 – 16, 2022
  • Location: Lisbon, Portugal

The Medical Cannabis Europe Conference was developed to debate and clarify doubts regarding the applicable regulations to the cultivation, manufacture and distribution of cannabis-based products for medicinal purposes in Portugal and Europe. This conference will feature international and local experts on medical cannabis that will provide insights into the European market and address aspects such as applicable regulations and expectations of the authority in licensing inspections.

Cannavigia CEO Luc Richner and Head of Consulting Elias Galantay have been speaking at the conference. Additionally, we welcomed visitors at our stand to present them our track & trace software.

Do you want to know what our takeaways from the conference? Read this article to find out more.

CB Expo Zurich

  • Date: September 10 – 11, 2022
  • Location: Zurich, Switzerland
cannavigia cb expo

The Cannabis Business Expo for CBD, medical cannabis, grow and paraphernalia products, wholesale and services. Leading companies from Switzerland, the rest of Europe and overseas will be presenting all manner of products relating to CBD, medical cannabis, growing, paraphernalia and services in the modern Stage-One exhibition hall. In the Network Area, exhibitors and business visitors will be able to exchange ideas in a casual setting whereas in the Conference Area, high-caliber speakers will present the latest findings from the worlds of research, politics, product development and trade.

Cannavigia CEO Luc Richner spoke on a panel about The Future of Switzerland as a Leader in the Cannabis Industry, together with Michela Mastropietro (Swiss Queen), Leonid Kotlyar (DéWarrior Unlimited B.V.), Stefan Strasser (Swiss Extract), Andrew Petronanos (Fineleaf) and Luc Richner (Cannavigia), moderated by Farida Hussain of Dovetail Consulting.

We spoke to the panelists after the trade show and about Swissness, what it needs to enter the Swiss cannabis market and what the hurdles could be. Read now the article on how to start a business in the Swiss cannabis market.

Watch the full panel here:

The Cannabis Expo Durban

  • Date: July 21 – 24, 2022
  • Location: Durban, South Africa

The Cannabis Expo is the global marketplace for education and innovative products and businesses serving the cannabis industry and its medicinal, agricultural, financial and lifestyle aspects.

After having a booth at the Cannabis Expo in Cape Town earlier this year (read our article about it), we also had our own booth in Durban

Wesley Petzer, Cannavigia’s business development manager in Africa, has participated in several panels and presentations, find here an overview:

  • Thursday, 21 July, 4pm: Licensed to Grow – Hemp & Medicinal Cannabis Landscape
  • Friday, 22 July, 5pm: The Legalisation Wave – Global Lessons Applied to Local Industry
  • Saturday, 23 July, 11am: Cannabis Compliance – GACP and how harmonized standards can be the enabler for a global cannabis industry

Find here an article about the Expo we published.

ICBC Berlin

  • Date: July 19 – 20, 2022
  • Location: Berlin, Germany

The International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) is Europe’s largest B2B cannabis event – featuring executives, entrepreneurs and policy makers from over 80 nations.

Cannavigia at stand 310

We had our very own stand at the ICBC Berlin which gave us the chance show what the Cannavigia software is about and how we work together with the Swiss government for the cannabis pilot trials in Switzerland.

Luc Richner spoke at panel ‘European Adult-use Cannabis Legalization Models’

The cannabis legalization movement is as strong as ever in Europe, with multiple countries exploring the policy change after Malta became Europe’s first nation to legalize cannabis for adult use at a national level. Currently, there are three approaches to legalization in Europe. The models include the creation of a completely new industry such as in Switzerland, restructuring a formerly tolerant approach through a pilot program such as in the Netherlands, and a more direct approach such as what is being pursued in Germany.

Find here an article about the panel and the ICBC in Berlin.


Cannabis Europa

  • Date: June 28 – 29, 2022
  • Location: London, England

Cannabis Europa delivers cutting-edge knowledge from senior government officials, leading scientific experts and some of the most influential businesses in the industry.

Panel ‘The Future of the Supply Chain – an Industry on the Move’

At Cannabis Europa, Cannavigia’s CEO Luc Richner has joined several experts from the cannabis industry on the panel ‘The Future of the Supply Chain – an Industry on the Move’. Rewatch the panel here:

Agritechnica Asia

  • Date: May 25 – 27, 2022
  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand

The AGRITECHNICA ASIA is the agricultural exhibition that covers all of Asia by focusing on Asia’s largest agricultural buyers from across the region. AGRITECHNICA ASIA emphasizes on agricultural engineering solutions that are both relevant and important to the development of agriculture in the Asian markets.


  • Date: May 20 – 22, 2022
  • Location: Bern, Switzerland

At CannaTrade more than 250 exhibitors from all over the world will be presenting tried-and-tested products, new products and innovations. With three podium discussions on the main stage you will get the latest updates on the cannabis poliy in Switzerland, the Swiss pilot trials (read our Switzerland cannabis country report for more info) and legal medical cannabis. And in the Business Lounge you will have plenty time to network.

Panel ‘Cannabis Cultivation Risk Management’

  • Date: May 18, 2022
  • Location: online

Cultivation continues to drive the growth of the cannabis industry globally. However, the industry is plagued with challenges related to growing quality, consistent, and compliant cannabis. This has resulted in tons of cannabis not being suitable for sale and billions of dollars have been written off. How can the biggest obstacles to cannabis cultivation be overcome and what role can technology play in supporting a successful operation?

These were the questions leading cannabis experts discussed in the webinar “Managing Risk in Cannabis Cultivation” on May 18. Cannavigia’s CEO Luc Richner has been one of the experts participating in the webinar. The webinar is now online on YouTube:

CB Club

  • Date: April 14, 2022
  • Location: Zurich, Switzerland

On April 14, Pia Meyer from Cannavigia, together with Lino Cereghetti from Pure Holding and Dr. Arno Hazekamp from the Legal Cannabis Coalition, led a panel discussion at the CB Club in Zurich on the topic of “Pilot projects on cannabis use for adults: news from Switzerland and Holland”. Following the panel discussion, we spoke with the three about the pilot projects in Switzerland and Holland and why they are important. In the interview, they talk about how we can learn from the countries that have already legalized cannabis, what the differences are between the Dutch and Swiss projects, and what role Cannavigia will play in the pilot trials.

Learn more in the interview on pilot projects on cannabis use for adults.

The Cannabis Expo Cape Town

  • Date: March 24 – 27, 2022
  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa

In March 2022,  Cannavigia secured its own stand at the 2022 Cannabis Expo in Cape Town. This expo is considered to be the largest Cannabis trade and consumer expo on the African continent, not only connecting all related businesses within the Cannabis industry but also highlighting the various medicinal, agricultural, financial and lifestyle aspects.

Our guy in Johannesburg, Wesley Petzer, was a part of the team attending the Expo. Read his impressions here.  

cannabis expo cape town

Cannabis Business Asia Conference 2022

  • Date: March 23 – 24, 2022
  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Our team in Thailand attended this year’s Cannabis Business Asia Conference at the Anantara Riverside on 23-24th March 2022. With industry stakeholders from all over the world eager to share ideas and network in a collaborative environment, it was a fruitful conference for all. Read here some key takeaways from Thailand’s first cannabis conference of 2022. 

Spain’s cannabis trade shows

  • Date: March 10 – 13, 2022
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain

The annual ICBC Barcelona and Spannabis trade shows combined this year, forming a partnership that resulted in a super-conference. Cannavigia CEO, Luc Richner was a panel participant on the topic of supply chain strategies to forward cannabis reform together with Medpayrx’s Marguerite Arnold and master grower and Cannavigia consultant Shlomo Booklin. The discussion and an interview with Luc Richner and Shlomo Booklin can be read here.